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Unconventional Rules the Billboard Charts

Numbers are in for the previous week’s album sales, and it looks like a congratulations are in order for some guys.

Funny guys The Lonely Island have landed at the #3 spot with 68,000 copies sold of Turtleneck and Chain, the follow-up to Incredibad, which debuted at the #13 spot in 2009. Chain features collaborations with Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Akon and more.  Two spots behind is Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator, whose sophomore effort Goblin debuted at the number 5 spot with 50,000k sold.  A very excited Tyler tweeted the following after seeing the numbers for himself:

“I AM THAT NI**A RIGHT NOW FUCK HARD WORK PAYED OFF YOU CANT TELL ME SHIT NI**UH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” exclaimed an excitedTyler. “50k Is So Much. Like, For Me, Maybe Not To You Guys Whos Used To Mariah Or BOB Selling Millions. Damn, This Is Fucking Wild Fuck.”

He’s so “eloquent.” Adele’s 21 remains in the top spot for the 8th week in a row.  Jennifer Lopez’s LOVE? dropped from 5-9 with another 33,000 sold.

Congrats to Tyler and The Lonely Island on their incredible debuts.