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Memphitz Arrested For Bringing A Gun To The Airport

News broke earlier that Toya’s husband Memphitz was arrested at an Atlanta airport for reportedly carrying a gun inside his belongings. Once his bags passed through security and the gun was spotted the police were summoned immediately. He did have a license to carry the gun but needless to say it in no way was getting on the plane with him.

I’m not quite sure what he was thinking but we will be following the story. #notagoodlook



divaFotos: Toya And Memphiz Wright’s Wedding Pics

The photos from Toya and Memphiz Wright’s wedding are up and I must say they look truly beautiful. Toya married Micky “Memphiz” Wright last month but we all got to view it recently on her reality tv show’s finale. With her good friend Tiny by her side and her daughter Reginae as the Junior Bridesmaid, Toya looked overjoyed. Check out the pics.

The beautiful couple share a kiss as Reginae (left) and Memphiz’s daughter Mikkya (right) share a pound. Cute.

The two look very happy and the pictures are flawless. Congrats to both of them!