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divaTunes: Cee-Lo Green “Cry Baby” (Video)

Cee-Lo Green’s album The Lady Killer has a lot of soulful hits about heartbreak, but take a look at his newest video for the song “Cry Baby”. The video features the memorable star of the show Family Matters, Jaleel White.

Go back in time and watch the video below:

What do you think about this video about heartbreak?

Kid Cudi and Cee-Lo Make Top 10 Billboard Debuts


Congrats are in order for Cee-Lo and Kid Cudi!

This week, they both made a splash on the Billboard 200.  Kid Cudi’s “Man on the Moon II: Legend of Mr. Rager,” debuted at number three behind Susan Boyle and Taylor Swift, selling 169,000.  That’s an improvement from his first album which debuted at #4 almost two years ago.  Cee-Lo’s LP “The Lady Killer” debuted at #4 with 42,000 copies sold.

I love both of these artists.  They’re both innovative and extremely creative.  Congrats, boys!