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Look At Her Now: Raven Symone in Vibe

Raven Symone looks like a supermodel inside the pages of Vibe magazine.  All eyes have been on her lately since she lost some weight and debuted her new ABC Family show State of Georgia.  Raven talks briefly about reactions to her weight loss and not getting too raunchy:

On reactions to her weight loss
I find it funny that people now come up to me and say, ‘Wow, you are absolutely gorgeous’. I’m like, ‘I was beautiful before I lost weight. Egotistically speaking, I thought I was amazing’

On why she keeps it PG 13
It’s not so much about showing my sexy side because of the kids, I have to answer to my mama and brother, my dad and my grandparents, the ones I have to look in the eyes every day when I take my weave and eyelashes out.

On her new character
Ironically, my character is supposed to be the size that I was before. So I have to wear thicker body pads on the show.

I always thought she was freaking gorg! Get ’em Raven!!

Video: Raven Symone Talks Weight Loss and New Sitcom on Wendy Williams

Raven Symone is FA-BU-LOUS!

She stopped by The Wendy Williams Show (for a third time) to promote her new show State of Georgia on ABC Family.  On the show, she plays a struggling actress named Georgia who moves from the Peach State to The Big Apple to fulfill her dreams.  It premieres in about a month.  Wendy also addressed Raven’s amazing weight loss and dating.

Raven credits her weight gain to “stress eating” while she was on That’s So Raven.  The pressure of a whole show dependent on her got the best of her and she cracked.  She also admits that she doesn’t get hit on too much and instead does the initiating when it comes to men.

I just love her!! Such an inspiration and naturally beautiful woman.  Watch the interview below: