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Selita Banks on Kanye and “Runaway”

Selita Banks sat down with MTV this week to talk about her collaboration with boyfriend good friend Kanye West on his short film, “Runaway.”  She plays the part of a phoenix who falls from the sky and turns into Ye’s girlfriend.  That’s about all most of us know so far. 

Kanye asked for her help this summer over dinner with Ivanka Trump and other friends, and initially didn’t know what to think:  “I mean, you sit down with someone, and they say, ‘Hey, I want to make a movie where a phoenix falls from the sky and she becomes my girlfriend,’ you look at him like, ‘Okaaaay,’ ” she said.

Selita speaks very highly of Kanye and says that the set was ego-free, contrary to popular belief that Kanye is a douchebag.  This is what she had to say about his thought/work process:

“The way ‘Ye operates, everything is in his mind,” she said. “He tries to verbally explain it. It’s a lot of conversation, a lot of character development and us working together, collaborating. Then he called in the big dogs, [art director] Vanessa Beecroft, as well as Philip Lim to do the wings [for the phoenix]. It was a big process of going in and fitting them and figuring out what looks more realistic. That was done in New York, all within two to three weeks.”

When asked exactly what the message of “Runaway” is, Selita says: “The world doesn’t accept, or they try to change, what is different, instead of trying to understand it.”

In case you forgot, Selita and Kanye have been friends since 2006, when they met on the set of “Number One,” Ye’s video with Pharell (love that song!!!) 

divaMission cannot wait to see this film!!  It premieres this Saturday on MTV and BET.  I’m sure everyone will be tuned in!!!