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divaFotos: Rihanna Parties in Vegas; Spotted Up, Close and Personal with Drake

Rihanna, whose currently traveling the country on her LOUD tour, partied it up in Vegas last night after her show.  Cameras caught her having some drinks and chatting up some UFC fighters who were also in town for a fight (that explains her holding the belt). [Source]

TMZ also caught Rihanna hugged up with Drizzy Drake in Montreal during her multi-concert stint there.  Her reps continue to deny a romantic relationship.

Friends can put their arms around each other, riiiiight?

Roc Nation: Rihanna Does Not Have Poor Ticket Sales

We reported to you the other day that reports were saying that Rihanna’s tickets for her “LOUD” tour were not selling. Well an industry insider has stepped forward with some facts about Rihanna’s ticket sales given by Live Nation to dismiss the allegations of low ticket sales.

Well known music analyst and blogger Bob Lefsetz  posted inside information he received from Live Nation chairman Irving Azoff about Rihanna’s worldwide tickets sales.  After reading Bob’s finding Roc Nation stepped in and confirmed the numbers to dispel what the New York Post proclaimed earlier this week.

So here are the facts regarding Rihanna’s tour.

1. There are 56 sold out Rihanna dates in Europe.

2. 64% of tickets for Rihanna’s domestic shows have already been sold. And they’re selling at the rate of 700 a day.

3. Rihanna’s Boston show is four months out. Projections say that 90% of the seats will be sold by showtime.  Also, the Post story said Rihanna needed to sale 15,000 tickets to break even, but Bob reports only 13,500 seats are available for sale.  And so far, Rihanna had sold 5,800 tickets for Boston, not the reported 3,700 tickets.


I personally wouldn’t attend a Rihanna concert because I feel she fails to put on a show and I would want my money’s worth, but I can’t speak for the rest of America because the girl IS selling.