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Amy Winehouse’s Music Sales Skyrocket

Since the tragic, untimely death of one of music’s greatest talents, Amy Winehouse’s record sales have seen a skyrocket in numbers sold. Since the singer’s death this past Saturday and according to¬†Nielsen SoundScan, Amy’s hit album Back To Black has shot to the #9 position on the Billboard 200 this week selling 37,000 copies. While just last week only 1,000 copies were sold.

Sales on Frank, Amy’s debut, have also seen a rise in numbers. Reaching #57 and selling 8,000 in sales which were most accounted for digital purchases.¬†Back To Black and Frank have overall sold 95 percent in digital sales.

In the same fashion that Michael Jackson’s music sold whooping numbers after his passing, it looks as though the same will be sad for Amy Winehouse. Sales figures are expected to go even higher come next week.