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Jay-Z Celebrates iTunes Record Sales, Buys $250,000 On Bottles At LIV


We told you all how Jay-Z and Kanye broke an iTunes record with 290,000 copies of “Watch The Throne” sold in a week, now see how Jay celebrates it. The “Otis” rap mogul held an album release party at club LIV and spend an amazing $250,000 on bottles.

Talk about bottle popping, the drinks flowed all night as his celebrity friends all got their sip on. Ne-yo, Ace Hood, Daddy Yankee, A-Rod, Kim Porter, Flo Rida and many more joined in on the festivities.

That bottle is HUGE. Jay also tipped the staff $50,000, my goodness!


Neyo Admits That He’s A Cheater

Ne-yo is by far one of the best when it comes to making music about love and relationships. With his debut and classic album In My Own Words, he won hearts left and right. While some of his music belittles cheating as in Get Down Like That and the sorrows of a failed love in Time, Ne-yo admits that he is guilty of cheating.

Speaking openly with U.K. magazine he says,

“Talking about men cheating, I have to say, each to their own. I can’t just say they’re all bad as I’ve been guilty of it myself,” Ne-Yo candidly explained. “There are times when I know I’m not the nicest person, when I know what I’m doing is wrong. But then sometimes you have to figure out what’s really important to you. There are times when I get upset, there’s an ugly side to me — it’s not all smiles.”

He also went on to talk about the mother of his child Monyetta Shaw and how they have a platonic relationship as well as the love he has for his 8-month-old daughter Madilyn.

“I’ve been in love before, but this feels like nothing I’ve ever felt. It’s like being in love for the first time.”

That’s very sweet, I can only imagine how it feels to have your 1st child but referring to your baby’s mother as a friend. Not quite sure about that one. Can’t knock him for keeping it real though.

Ne-yo is also working on his fifth studio album Love and Passion which is slated to hit stores in September.