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Shannon Brown Admits Monica Is Now His Wife

Rumors have been circulating the net saying that Shannon Brown and Monica have wed in a secret ceremony but no one knew for sure if any of it was true. Well Shannon has spoken out about it and confirms that Monica is indeed now his wife. It’s said that the secret ceremony took place on November 22nd and that another more extravagant weeding is in the works that will include family and friends.

The two have only been dating for 6 months, to each his own. Now I’m not hating or anything but why does it feel like they sort of rushed everything. I like to take my time with everything so excuse me if making that final decision to spend the rest of my life with someone may take a bit more than 6 months. Nonetheless, these two appear very much in love and very happy. They both have had their downs in relationships with others so what they have going on is definitely a beautiful thing.

Check out the vid of Shannon Brown confirming the marriage!