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Diva of the Week: Loretta Cabinda/Karma Custom

And another one….Diva of the Week, that is.

Loretta Cabinda’s accomplishments are far beyond her years and in one word: breathtaking.  Also known as “Karma Custom,” this 20 (soon to be 21) year old lives in Los Angeles and has an A.A in Merchandise Product Development and a B.S in Business Management.  The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (L.A. Campus) alumni currently works for Advanstar Communications/MAGIC as a customer service representative.  For those not familiar with the company, it puts on one of the largest apparel and accessorie tradeshows twice a year in Las Vegas.  As a representative, Loretta plays in an important role in the recruitment process and even gets to attend the show: nice perk, diva!!!

In addition to her work with MAGIC, Loretta/Karma works for Beauty Bureau, Inc, a one-stop shop for beauty that can be at everyone’s fingertips.  The family-driven company offers a wide variety of services including video and photo shoots and image consulting.  The passionate team consists of Loretta, founder Donny Cole, and designers Deniseea Christine and Veela Funk. 

Phew! This diva does  A LOT! But, it doesn’t end there!  In the future, Loretta hopes to own her own company and work for Beauty Bureau on a full time basis.  Her artistic abilities aren’t just in fashion.  She is a gifted musician and performer who hopes to create art that will create, heal and unite people; especially those in her home continent, Africa. 

Loretta’s positivity and perserverance is infectious and inspiring.  She’ s been through it all, including an abusive relationship and homelessness before the age of 20.  Unfortunately, most people in those same positions can’t find a way out…Loretta did.  And as “Diva of the Week,” she wants to pass on words of wisdom to divas around the world:

“Stay positive despite what life throws at you. I know it’s easier said than done, but when you allow yourself to be consumed by negativity, you not only drive yourself away from others, but you also drive others away from you.

If there is something, anything in your life that you are unhappy with, you have the power to change it. You’ve only got today, so choose to be bitter, or get better.

Most important is to learn to get back up. You will fall! There is no avoiding that. But learn to accept not just the ups, but the downs as well and know that God never throws at you more than you can handle.

Knowing that everything happens for a reason gives you confidence to face another day. Never lose sight of your goals and your dreams because they are what will you keep you sane in such a crazy world. Never lose your voice because that is all you have in this world, even when everything is taken away from you. If people don’t want to listen, make them listen.”

I know that’s right!! *snaps fingers* Now, back to some fun stuff: Loretta’s  personal design style!:

“My design aesthetic consists of mixing colorful prints with contemporary styles and adding an urban flare. I truly enjoy the process of turning something ordinary into something unique and extraordinary. I rarely sketch because I feel that as a designer it limits you to that one idea. There are so many things that happen during the design process that sometimes the best decisions are the ones that occur accidentally.”

Loretta: Excuse our French, but you are fxcking fabulous!  You are wise beyond your years and already a success in our eyes.  We look forward to seeing your star rise even higher and the good “Karma” in your future.  XOXO

**Below is another pic of Loretta and then models wearing her designs.  Werk!!