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Hollywood Walk of Fame Says ‘Hell No!’ to Reality Stars

We all know the Hollywood Walk of Fame for immortalizing the presence of Tinseltown’s biggest stars. Everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Ryan Seacrest to Judy Garland have made their place on the famoud street. But, will stars such as Kim Kardashian or Snooki ever get their chance? Hell no according to the Vice President for Media Relations and Producer for the Hollywood Walk of Fame Ana Martinez.

“Someone asked if we give reality show characters stars? Hell to the No!” She told CNN after that that criteria for a star includes “longevity in their field of entertainment, awards and other honors, and philanthropic work.” Inductees this year include Jennifer Aniston (who recently had her induction ceremony), Jennifer Lopez and Kate Winslet.

So, being a reality star is cool, but not refined or long-lasting enough.

Do you agree with Ana Martinez?


divaFotos: Chaka Khan Receives Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Well it’s about time! Chaka Khan has recently received her very on star on “The Hollywood Walk Of Fame”. At the fabulous age of 58 and putting in work for over 45 years Chaka beamed as those flashing lights captured her joy. She was joined by family and good friends which included Stevie Wonder and Benny Medina.

Check out the diva!

Reese Witherspoon Gets Hollywood Star


Congrats to Reese Witherspoon, who was awarded with the 2,425th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today for her 20-year-so-far acting career.  As you can see, she was accompanied by her two children and Bruiser, her pet chihuahua from Legally Blonde (obviously not pictured).  Here’s what Reese had to say during her speech:

“What I understand now, after 20 years of making movies, is that the achievement is being part of a community of people—often who have done this for generations—who are the best at what they do.”

Congrats, diva!!

Christina Aguilera Gets Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


Christina Aguilera got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contributions to music.  I’m pretty sure she’s the only singer of her day to get this honor. And she deserves it with that powerhouse voice!!!

Congrats, diva!