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Video:Leona Lewis- “Collide”

Leona Lewis has released the first single from her upcoming new album “Glass Heart”, she says this album will have a darker side but also uptempo songs that her fans will love. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard some new music from the “Bleeding Love” singer. Catch the video below.


divaTunes: ‘Collide’ Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis joins the dance craze with “Collide,” the first single from her third album dropping later this year.  Written by Autumn Rowe and produced by Sandy Vee (“Firework”, “S&M””), the piano driven song has a good dance beat behind it.

“It is a summer song that has a really good vibe.  I just feel like dancing around to it. I love the energy and happiness I feel when I listen to it.”

I prefer to hear Leona sing ballads, but it sounds like she’s trying to switch things up.  Collide with Leona below: