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‘Glee’ Stars Strike a Pose for Vogue

The stars of Fox’s wildly popular Glee look like quite the fashion collective inside the pages of Vogue’s September issue.  The cast has been named the spokespeople for “Fashion’s Night Out,” the annual fall ritual that “celebrates style and shopping, the joys of inventing your own look and having a ball while doing so.”

Glee creator Ryan Murphy dished on creating the looks for each character and Lea Michele’s red carpet evolution.  Two of the show’s biggest stars, Lea Michele and Chris Colfer (who won a 2011 Golden Globe for his role), also talked fashion.  Highlights below:

Ryan Murphy on his vision for each character’s individual style:

“From the beginning, I asked the costume designer to give each of these kids an archetypal identity. We didn’t want them to look like generic mall kids. Now their looks are being copied! On the show, they don’t get to wear designer clothes, except for Chris. In fact, people ask me all the time, ‘Where does he get those clothes in Ohio?’”

Chris Colfer:

“When Glee started, I had no idea who Marc Jacobs was. In no way was I a fashion person! I did all my shopping at my small-town Target. Maybe if I dressed better I wouldn’t have had such a hard time in school. Now, as Kurt, I get to wear all these amazing things, by people whose names I can’t even pronounce.”

Lea Michele:

“I would never wear a sweater with an animal face!”

Ryan Murphy on Lea Michele’s evolving look:

“When I met Lea, she was only sort of interested in clothes— but in the last two years she’s become a red-­carpet star. I think what happened is Lea went to an event, and someone said, ‘Oh, you look pretty.’ It was an interesting moment for her.”

Sidenote: Where is Amber Riley?!