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Tracklisting: The- Dream- “1977”

The Dream is geared up to release his free internet album “1977” which will be available to his fans on August 31st. Serving up 11 tracks of what we hope is hotness this album follows his fourth album The Love, IV: Diary of a Madman. The album includes features from Big Sean, and Radio Killa signee Casha.

Check out the tracks.

The-Dream – 1977

1. “Wake Me When It’s Over”
2. “Used to Be”
3. “Long Gone”
4. “Ghetto” feat. Big Sean
5. “Wedding Crasher”
6. “Rolex” feat. Casha
7. “Silly” Introducing Casha
8. “1977 (Miss You Still)”
9. “Wish You Were Mine”
10. “Real”
11. “Form of Flattery”

I’ll be downloading this album, will you?