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Video: ‘1+1’ Beyonce

Beyonce is all glossed up in the visuals for “1+1,” The Dream-penned track from her platinum selling album 4. The video is directed by Queen B herself alongside Laurent Briet and Ed Burke. Beyonce is stripped down as she sings passionately into the camera while rocking some very sexy lingerie.

“The “1+1″ video is the story of love at its best. It’s about commitment and fulfillment and it’s Beyoncé at her most beautiful. The video experiments with psychedelic visual effects and innovative lighting that gives the clip a cinematic feel.”

This reminds me D’Angelo’s video for “How Does It Feel.” Watch below:


Matthew Knowles: ‘We Absolutely Have Not Taken Any Money From Beyonce’

Reports surfaced earlier this week that Beyonce’s longtime manager/father Matthew Knowles had stolen money from his daughter, which naturally lead to their business separation.  Now, Matthew is fighting back.  In an interview with The Associated Press, Knowles denies all of the allegations and gives his reasoning for Beyonce’s most recent album not producing any top 10 hits:

On the theft allegations:

“We absolutely have not taken any money from Beyoncé, and all dollars will be accounted for…In no way have we stole money. Again, this about the people who have made these claims—they have to come into the light.”

On Beyonce’s new management team:

“The relationship with Beyoncé is extremely amicable. I want to make that clear. Where there’s concern is the people that she’s doing businesswith.  I’m challenging all of these folks onintegrity, professional integrity.   She changed almost every aspect of her business.  The team ironically appeared to be a cross-pollination of Beyoncé’s team, Roc Nation’s team, and Live Nation’s team, who ironically have the most to gain.”

On talking to Beyonce about the allegations (He revealed that they have yet to speak about it):

“The only way we will be able to understand this is through a court of law. That’s the only way either one of us will be clear if someone in our camps did something that was not correct.”

On Beyonce’s album success, but inability to produce top 10 hits:

“They put out the record in a vacuum.  It makes you believe that there are some artists that don’t need radio. There are some records that don’t need a record label, and Beyoncé is one of those artists.”

I have a feeling that this is about to get ugly.


divaFotos: Beyonce Promo Pics For ‘4’

Beyonce is turning up the heat in a swarm of new promo pics for her upcoming album 4. She’s rocking a bunch of looks and looks absolutely gorgeous in all of them.

Who run the world?….Beyonce apparently.  More pics below:










divaFotos: Beyonce Promo Pics For '4'

Beyonce is turning up the heat in a swarm of new promo pics for her upcoming album 4. She’s rocking a bunch of looks and looks absolutely gorgeous in all of them.

Who run the world?….Beyonce apparently.  More pics below:










Beyonce Unveils Upcoming Album Title

Beyonce is back to run the music world.  She looks beautiful and very ‘in-charge’ on the cover of Billboard Magazine. Inside, she reveals the name of her fourth album.  It’s simple and numeric: 4.

 “We all have special numbers in our lives, and 4 is that for me,” she explained. “It’s the day I was born. My mother’s birthday, and a lot of my friends’ birthdays, are on the fourth; April 4 is my wedding date.”

She also addressed her recent decision to terminate her professional relationship with her father, Matthew Knowles:

“It’s not that anything bad happened between us…My family has my support always, and they support me, but when you’ve been working with the same people for 15 years, it’s natural to eventually have your own ideas. I believe that parents prepare their kids for the moment that they’re on their own: at this point, I’m taking everything my dad and my mother have taught me, and I’m able to do things my way. We were at a point where we’d learned so much from each other, and now it’s exciting for me to do this on my own andhire my own team. I’ve started managing myself.”

Bee sounds like she has everything under control.  I’m excited to see what her music is going to sound like in the future.

The Stars Align for Summer Concert Series

A handful of today’s biggest stars will light up the New York City streets in two of the summer’s biggests concert series.  Beyonce will perform songs from her upcoming album on Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series.  Other artists on the bill include Nicki Minaj, Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, Taio Cruz, Florence and the Machine, and American Idol’s top 11 contestants.  Additional artists will be announced to grace the Rumsey Playfield stage in NYC’s Central Park.  Lady Gaga will kick off the series May 27, just four days after Born this Way is released.

With the exception of Gaga’s show, all shows are free and taped live from 7-9am on Good Morning America.  

Today Show also have a summer series that will feature Rihanna, Chris Brown, Bruno Mars and Cee Lo Green.

So much music for a jam packed summer!!

divaTunes: “Girls (Who Run the World)” Beyonce

Awwwwww SNAP!!! Queen Bee is back, ya’ll!!!!!

As promised, a full version of Beyonce’s new single “Girls (Who Run the World)” has made its way onto the net. It sounds like this is an unfinished version (can you hear Lil Jon’s voice every 10 seconds?), and is definitely an upbeat track. It samples Major Lazer’s “Pon de Floor,” the same sample Swizz Beatz used for “Ass on the Floor.”

“My persuasion can build a nation/ Endless power, without love we can devour/ You’ll do anything for me,”

I know that’s right!! Pictures from the video set, directed by Francis Lawrence, have been flooding the web and it looks like the video will be amazing. I surprisingly like this song. I usually hate Beyonce’s songs when I first hear them and then I love them a few weeks later…I need time for them to grow on me. But, this song goes against the pattern. Take a listen below: