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Behind The Scenes: “4 Nights with Beyoncé” [Part 1]

Beyonce is giving her fans an intimate look into the behind the scenes footage of her “4 Nights with Beyoncé” concert at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC. Those that didn’t get to attend the show get to see commentary from the lighting designer, musical director, production manager and of course the diva herself. Now this is only part one so don’t be to disappointed if you only see a little Bey.

Bibi,her lead guitarist, says:

“She’s listening to her inner voice right now and doing what she wants to do.”

Watch below:

Video: ‘You and I’ Lady Gaga

Expect nothing but the weirdest when it comes to Lady Gaga. The pop star recently released the fourth single from her hit album Born This Way entitled “You And I”. Nothing short of a masterpiece, Gaga fans aren’t disappointed as she displays an alter ego along with top of the line visuals.

Gaga says:

“I knew I wanted the video to be about me sprinting back and walking hundreds of thousands of miles to get him back.”

Sidenote: As with most Gaga videos, I’m confused, yet intrigued.

Take a look:


Video: Russell Simmons Recalls Meeting Rick Rubin; LL Cool J Explains Hip-Hop Slang in Early Days

In a recent interview with Global Grind, Def Jam co-founder and Rush Communications CEO Russell Simmons sat down to talk about the first time he met Rick Rubin and the start of Def Jam:

“Rick Rubin, I seen him at Danceteria. He was a member of the Beastie Boys.  He was DJ Double R. I met him at Danceteria because Jazzy Jay brought him to me.  Jazzy Jay was on the record ‘It’s Yours’ by T La Rock. It was the best record on the radio.  We talked at Danceteria and he played me his drum machine. He had so many beats.  We started a record label. The record label put out LL’s first record.  The record stores didn’t know what was in the box because it said Def Jam.  It was a core community who went to that cool store that bought the cool records, and that record was next after ‘It’s Yours.’ Rick owned and created that label, Def Jam, that was him.”



And something related….

Throwback interview of a young LL Cool J explaining hip hop slang like “word,” “def,” and “stupid.” Funny stuff:




Video: ‘Where Dem Girls At’ David Guetta ft. Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj

David Guetta’s beat is contagious in the visuals for “Where Dem Girls At,” the first single from his fifth studio album, Nothing But the Beat, dropping August 30.  Bubbles carrying the song’s beat travel through the city, causing people to stop what they’re doing and dance.  A very charismatic swallows some of them before spitting her verse as Flo Rida scopes out the eye candy.

David Guetta stays coming with the hits.  Watch the vid below:


Video: Bruno Mars on ‘Today Show’ Concert Series

Bruno Mars brought out hundreds of fans for the Today Show Concert Series where he performed a medley of hits including a reworked version of “Just the Way You Are,” “Runaway Baby,” and “The Lazy Song.”

During “Runaway Baby,” Mars and his band broke it down for a James Brown inspired dance sequence before ending his performance singing thorough a megaphone.

Watch the talent below:






Video: "Retrosuperfuture II" Rick Ross ft. Wiz Khalifa and Wale


It’s looking real cloudy in the just released video for “Retrosuperfuture,” a collaboration between Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, and Wale.   The song will be part of a Maybach Music compilation, Self Made, dropping May 24.  The visuals are directed by Maybach Films and follow the three MC’s as they share some greenery on Ross’ tour bus.  I love Wiz on the hook…he has such a melodic voice.

Check the vid below: