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Video: ‘Up All Night’ Blink 182

Blink 182 have finally shot the visuals for their comeback single “Up All Night” and the we have the final product for you here. Kids take over a small suburban town as Blink rocks out in the middle of the street. Reminds me of my younger days….I used to love Blink.

Watch below:

Video: ‘Cheers (Drink To That)’ Rihanna

Rihanna is showing much love to her home country Barbados in the fun visuals for “Cheers (Drink To That).” The entire vid consists of behind the scenes footage of her LOUD Tour and visit back home.

Did she really just take a shot in the middle of her show?! This diva knows how to party!! I’m loving this. I think the visuals and song match perfectly.

Sidenote: Look out for a cameo from Avril Lavigne. Her song “I’m With You,” is sampled.

Watch below:

Video: Pitbull Responds to Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit

Lindsay Lohan was about six months too late when she decided to file a lawsuit against Pitbull for using her name in his smash hit “Give Me Everything.” Today, Pitbull is finally addressing the lawsuit through an interview. He states that he meant no malice when using the actress as part of his lyrics:

“I was very surprised when I found out about the lawsuit. To me it was very ironic, to be honest with you. At first I read it and I thought, ‘It’s gotta be a joke.’ [But] come to find out that’s it’s very realistic.When I mention Lindsay Lohan in the record it’s really a positive message. When I say I got it locked up, if you play at the park, if you from the neighborhood, when they say you got it locked up, that means you run that area. In no way shape or form would I want to bring that on anybody and I didn’t look to defamate, degrade, or hurt someone’s career. For me mentioning it on a No. 1 record around the world, I thought it would be helping someone’s career and also keeping them relevant.”

He also invites her to join him on stage this weekend at the VMA’s, where he will be performing with Ne-Yo. Now, wouldn’t that be a site to see?!


Video: Demi Lovato Performs ‘Skyscraper’ on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Demi Lovato stopped by the America’s Got Talent results show to perform her smash hit “Skyscraper.” This diva’s vocals were flawless and she looked amazing as she made her way around the beautiful stage set.  By the end of the performance, she had a fan blowing her hair in the wind Beyonce style.

Get ’em girl! Watch her performance below:


Her album, Unbroken drops September 20. Will you be buying?

Video: ‘How to Love’ Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne sends a strong message in the video for “How to Love,” the third single off Tha Carter IV, dropping August 29.  The storyline involves a girl who is raised the wrong way, eventually becoming a stripper turned prostitute who contracts HIV.  Towards the end, we see what life could have been like for her, had she been taught “how to love” the right way.

If you blink, you’ll miss the short cameo from 90210’s Tristan Wilds.

Gotta love a song with a message.  Watch below:


Swoon: Ryan Gosling Stops Fight in NYC Street (Video)

If you’re looking for another reason to LOVE Ryan Gosling: here you go.

The Notebook star was spotted stopping a fight in the middle of a New York City street.  Two pedestrians were apparently fighting over a “stolen” painting when the actor stepped in and dropped his bag of groceries to settle the scuffle.  What makes this even better is the fact that he’s wearing a tank top so we can see his sexy arms (yes, I’m allowed to be shallow sometimes).

E! Online managed to get a hold of the person who took the video (photographer Valerie Alvea) and she gave the low-down:

“He took them to the corner and asked them what was going on.The gentleman was like ‘He stole my painting’. So he [Gosling] gave the guy a $20 and asked if it was settled. He took the money out of his pocket and said ‘If that’s what you’re fighting for, here you go’.”

I love a man who can keep the peace #sigh.

Watch the encounter:




Video: ‘Lighters’ Bad Meets Evil ft. Bruno Mars


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Rich Lee has created an inspirational visual to go with the equally inspirational sounds of “Lighters,” the Bruno Mars-assisted single from Bad Meets Evil- Hell: The Sequel.  Eminem and Royce da 5’9 take it back in time, reminiscing on their come-up; Em with his blonde hair and Royce writing rhymes behind bars.

Bruno is doing what he does best: singing in front of a piano.

Sidenote: How the hell does Bruno get his hair to stand up like that?! Watch below: