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divaTunes: ’25/8′ Mary J. Blige

Can you believe that Mary J. Blige’s 10th studio album will be hitting retailers in October?! This diva’s been doing the damn thing for a long time. Last night, she released a new single from My Life II: The Journey Continues called “25/8.” It’s produced by Eric Hudson with a super soulful beat and equally soulful lyrics:

“‘Cause I got days and days of love for you boy/ And I don’t wanna have to rush, but 24/7 ain’t enough/ ‘Cause I got so much love for you boy/ I need another hour and a day so I can love you 25/8.”

Listen below:


Video: ‘Up All Night’ Blink 182

Blink 182 have finally shot the visuals for their comeback single “Up All Night” and the we have the final product for you here. Kids take over a small suburban town as Blink rocks out in the middle of the street. Reminds me of my younger days….I used to love Blink.

Watch below:

Video: ‘Cheers (Drink To That)’ Rihanna

Rihanna is showing much love to her home country Barbados in the fun visuals for “Cheers (Drink To That).” The entire vid consists of behind the scenes footage of her LOUD Tour and visit back home.

Did she really just take a shot in the middle of her show?! This diva knows how to party!! I’m loving this. I think the visuals and song match perfectly.

Sidenote: Look out for a cameo from Avril Lavigne. Her song “I’m With You,” is sampled.

Watch below:

Video: ‘1+1’ Beyonce

Beyonce is all glossed up in the visuals for “1+1,” The Dream-penned track from her platinum selling album 4. The video is directed by Queen B herself alongside Laurent Briet and Ed Burke. Beyonce is stripped down as she sings passionately into the camera while rocking some very sexy lingerie.

“The “1+1″ video is the story of love at its best. It’s about commitment and fulfillment and it’s Beyoncé at her most beautiful. The video experiments with psychedelic visual effects and innovative lighting that gives the clip a cinematic feel.”

This reminds me D’Angelo’s video for “How Does It Feel.” Watch below:

Video: Pitbull Responds to Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit

Lindsay Lohan was about six months too late when she decided to file a lawsuit against Pitbull for using her name in his smash hit “Give Me Everything.” Today, Pitbull is finally addressing the lawsuit through an interview. He states that he meant no malice when using the actress as part of his lyrics:

“I was very surprised when I found out about the lawsuit. To me it was very ironic, to be honest with you. At first I read it and I thought, ‘It’s gotta be a joke.’ [But] come to find out that’s it’s very realistic.When I mention Lindsay Lohan in the record it’s really a positive message. When I say I got it locked up, if you play at the park, if you from the neighborhood, when they say you got it locked up, that means you run that area. In no way shape or form would I want to bring that on anybody and I didn’t look to defamate, degrade, or hurt someone’s career. For me mentioning it on a No. 1 record around the world, I thought it would be helping someone’s career and also keeping them relevant.”

He also invites her to join him on stage this weekend at the VMA’s, where he will be performing with Ne-Yo. Now, wouldn’t that be a site to see?!


Al Pacino Thanks Hip-Hop for ‘Scarface’ Success

This year marks the 28th anniversary of the classic film Scarface. The film, released back in 1983, was a remake of the 1932 version starring Paul Muni. When it hit theaters, it was panned by critics and made little money. Today, it’s a cult classic and favorite among hip-hop fans, who seem to really grip the story’s overall meaning.

Al Pacino’s version is being brought back to movies theaters nationwide on August 31 for one night only. The cast came together to celebrate the blu ray release of the DVD in Los Angeles. At the event, Pacino talked to MTV on the red carpet about his appreciation for the hip-hop collective’s support of the film:

“The hip-hop people and the rappers got together and they made a video and they talked about the movie. I don’t think anybody’s ever talked about it as articulately and clearly. I understood it better having heard them talk about it. I mean, they really get it and they understand it, and that’s a great thing. They’ve been very supportive all these years. I think they’ve helped us tremendously.” He’s referring to the documentary Scarface: Origins of a Hip-Hop Classic.

He also talked about what he thinks the appeal of Tony Montana’s character is: making something out of nothing:

“Man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for? That’s a great expression, and I think that’s Tony Montana. Reaching for something he can’t get but he keeps going. There is an element of hope in it, believe it or not.” What an eloquent response!!

Are you a fan of Scarface?


Missy Elliot Talks Aaliyah With CNN Blog Post

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the death of Aaliyah. Celebs have been flooding the internet offering their memories of the late singer, including Missy Elliot, one of Aaliyah’s best friends and collaborators. The rapper/producer/singer extraordinaire shared her thoughts on the singer via an CNN Entertainment blog post:

Today is the 10 year anniversary of Aaliyah’s passing and I’m sitting here reminiscing and playing music, thinking of the times we spent together, working, laughing, singing, dancing, cutting up. But really, it’s not all that different from any other day because I do think about her every day.

Not on purpose, but she is my friend and that’s just how I do. I’ve told the same stories for 9 years—how we met, how me and Tim were scared but Aaliyah was so welcoming and had this smile and way about her that put us at ease, that she liked to take chances and we were able to just be who we were and make good records together.

She loved playing jokes and that’s another part of her personality that made it fun to be around her. As a talent, I think she’s missed because she was unique and a true triple threat. She could sing, dance, and her acting was starting to take off.

I’m glad for the memories I have and the time we got to spend together, but I miss my friend.

Rest In Peace and Power Baby Girl.

Rest in peace, indeed.