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Video: Songwriter Linda Perry Calls Katy Perry’s Music ‘Microwave Popcorn’

Katy Perry has made headlines for the past couple of months.  Her album Teenage Dream is a global success, accompanied by a successful world tour propelled by 5 #1 hits….the first for a female artist.

However, not everyone is on the pop songtress’s side.  Linda Perry is quite an iconic songwriter.  Besides having a successful career of her own, she is responsible for many of the hits you’ve heard in the past ten years, including Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful,” most of Pink’s album Mizzunderstood, Gwen Stefani’s “What You Waiting For?” and Alicia Keys’ “Superwoman.”  During an interview in Hollywood, Perry was asked about her opinion on the music industry, calling it “different.”

She went on to call Adele’s album “solid,” but didn’t have too many nice things to say about Ms. Perry.  She calls her music “microwave popcorn,” says she’s not out to change the world of music, but instead create singles that people want now.

I totally agree with what she’s saying, but I think she could’ve said it in a nicer way.  Watch below and decide  for yourself:



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