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Did Lil’ Wayne Spend The Night With A 16 yr. Old Girl??!!

Lil’ Wayne might be in all types of trouble if the allegations that he spent the night with a 16. yr. old girl are true. According to Mediatakeout.com, who we think are a bit skeptical with at times, have all this photographic evidence that make it hard not to believe.

Sarah, an 11th grader from Ottawa, Canada apparently went to Weezy’s concert in her hometown and tried to link up with him after the show but was unable to. She then took a 2 hr. bus ride to Montreal where Weezy performed again and had luck linking up with him at the afterparty.

Sarah and Lil’ Wayne at the afterparty.

After the festivities at Lemouche Night Club, Sarah says the two went to his hotel room and spent the night together.

Now, all I can say is that sure looks like Lil’ Wayne to me. The rapper is on probation and I just hope that the two didn’t take it that far. This is highly unlikely, but how was Weezy to know!? Little Sarah is looking way older than 16 years. This one’s for the books.

What are your thoughts??



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