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Trey Songz Reveals New Album Title

Bloggers over at Glamazon were lucky enough to sit down with Trey Songz and talk about “Rocawear Evolution” and lots of other stuff.  During the interview, the sexy singer announced the title to his next album…and it looks like he’s sticking with the number trend:

“I’m working on a new album entitled Chapter 5. Music will always be my first love. I’m going to South Africa and I’m elated about it. I’m taking my mother and family. That trip will be very instrumental in what this next album will be.”

For all those looking to catch Trey’s eye, here’s what he has to say about his ideal woman:

“Less is more. There’s an appropriate time for getting glammed up and every woman deserves that moment to get made up and look as beautiful as she wants to. But I also love a woman who can appreciate humor and silly moments and be tomboy-esque as well as feminine. Confidence is sexy. I love independent women but I also love for independent women to let a man be a man. In terms of looks, I love all women.”



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