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Trey Songz Talks ‘Rocawear Evolution’ with Uptown Mag

“Mr. Steal Your Girl” Trey Songz had a chit chat with Uptown Magazine about his new gig as spokesperson for “Rocawear Evolution,” the brand’s newest cologne, among other things.  Check out highlights below (view the entire interview here):

How do you feel about being the new face of Rocawear Evolution?

It’s dope, first of all. Outside of Evolution, I’ve been the face [of Rocawear] for a while now. It all spawned from going on tour with Jay-Z – the Blueprint 3 tour last January. And you know we had a conversation about the clothing company. The fragrance was always in the industry talks. And it’s finally come to life now, after sending samples back and talking about it. It’s truly something that I represent so that makes it much more organic and a seamless transition for me than just taking pictures and then walking away from a shoot and spraying something else on [laughs].

The name of the fragrance is Evolution. How do you feel you’ve evolved as an artist?

I think that’s part of why the marriage works. My career pretty much mirrors what Rocawear stands for, at this point. Even though they have been the number one urban brand for years now, the cut and the fabric and the style of the clothing is changed. For myself, my style has changed. I cut my braids, I don’t wear oversized clothes anymore. You know, evolving from a young man to a man in front of people’s eyes – Evolution embodies that for me.

Which is your favorite city internationally?

Crazy enough, I think if I had to choose out of all the cities in the world, I’d have to say New York is the most unique.


No really because when you go to other cities and you talk to people there, everyone wants to come to New York and see what that’s like. It’s so multicultural and there’s alot of opportunity here that you can’t get anywhere else. When I first came up here I was living in Jersey working on getting my record deal from age 17 to 20. I experienced alot of life here.

Is there anywhere you’d like to go before you leave this earth?

Africa! So if I make it there, God willing, next week I’ll finally get to live out that dream. I want to go to Brazil too. I just left South America – I was in Guyana. And you know it’s such a trip when you go so far and to get so much love. Just to see how far music reaches – it’s phenomenal.

What qualities do you look for in a woman?

I think confidence is one of the best qualities a woman can have – confidence in herself. Intelligence – definitely. I want someone I can have a conversation with. And sexy is something that is not only a physical attribute, but something that you wear just in knowing who you are. There’s something beautiful in that. And I love humor. I truly am one of the silliest people I know. And I need someone to appreciate that.

He’s so damn eloquent ❤


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