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Jennifer Hudson Explains Why She Went Off On Twitter

We’ve all thought of Jennifer Hudson to be humble and graceful in every way. That was until she got on Twitter and the “hood” in her came out. The Grammy award-winning actress/singer recently chatted with Tony Sculfield on the radio and explained why she went postal.

“I don’t know why, but somewhere along this weight loss people forgot that I am from Chicago. But it’s not even that. It’s to me…it’s when you know it’s me on there. I literally sit and I talk to my fans all the time, so you know it’s me and you know you’re talking to me. And I feel as though, don’t say nothing to me on Twitter that you not gonna say to my face. I don’t know, somewhere along the lines, people think they can talk to celebrities any kind of way…we are people, too. Just the same as you want your respect we want ours.

It’s not just what you say but how you say it, so excuse me guys, I lost my celebrity religion for a second, give me a second and I’ll be right back.”

“Don’t say nothing to me on Twitter that you not gonna say to my face”, when is a fan going to have time to say something to your face?! As a big fan of Jennifer’s I just can’t wrap my head around why she took it to the next level. No one cares for what this Twitter follower said but the world will know how she reacted. On a grand scale J. Hud has way more to lose, such as her deal with Weight Watchers. We don’t think you lost weight by going under the knife (at least I don’t) but you will lose money, keep it up.


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