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Twitter Beef: Jennifer Hudson Argues With A Fan

The Twitter beef is stronger than ever and will live on….

This time around, the beautiful Jennifer Hudson has gotten caught up in it. Apparently, one of her followers asked her about her weight loss but subliminally included that she did something more than Weight Watchers to lose all the weight.

Not to pleased about this J.Hud responded with:

“Thank u for your hate n clearly the gym aint working for u cuz u look a mess. 

The fan came back saying:

“Child. You are so lame. Threatening to put hands on me is unbecoming,” the fan said. “You’re beginning to look stupid.”

“Bitch u were a size 24, could only pull a gay man and you attack bcuz you’re a size 0? #LETSNOT

J. Hud wasn’t having that:

 “Watch what u say cuz I might have to buy a plane/flight n come show u some of my southside n then come back home to where your not!”

This argument is out of control! Jennifer, why are you arguing with a nobody fan? I want to get on Twitter and see all this but I know the tweets have been deleted by now.

What do you guys think about Jennifer’s reaction??



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