"Your Daily POPculture Re-up"

Lenny Kravitz Covers Uptown Magazine

Lenny Kravitz is looking uber sexy as he covers the newest style issue of Uptown magazine. Kravitz effortlessly takes sexy pictures and discusses how he was called a “zebra” during his childhood, and his close relationship with Teena Marie.

On being called a Zebra:

“I was the kid they knew was different. They knew who my parents were
and would call them Mr. Day and Mrs. Night, or they’d call me zebra.”

Jill Jones on Lenny:

“Lenny would move easily through all the groups. There were black kids who hung together in the cafeteria, the geeks, the Asians, surfers, the rocker kids. He
hung with all of them.” 

His relationship with Teena Marie:

“She would cook a lot. It was her and
Penny Johnson, Rick James’ little sister. They looked after me, fed me. She took
me to concerts. She took care of a lot of folks. The big reason why I am here 
[is] because of this sister. She was for real. She was self contained,
a multi-instrumentalist, a writer, producer.”

That’s one sexy man!


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