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What The Critics Are Saying About ‘Watch the Throne’

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne dropped today at midnight on Itunes and fans from all over the globe took to their computers to download.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about this album so far….and it seems like the critics agree.  Read some of them below:

USA Today:  “While both display their characteristic swagger and dabble in materialism, they also ruminate on religion, poverty, crime, loss and the price of success. Their chemistry — born of a decade-long association — allows each to carve out his own stylistic space, with Jay-Z coolly delivering his incisive lyrical darts, while the more emotional West thrives on adrenaline-fueled punchlines…They’ve also clearly inspired each other. Star collaborations don’t always work out as well in practice as they do on paper (see: Jay-Z and R. Kelly). But in this case, they’ve created an artistic Throne that other rappers can aspire to.”

Huffington Post:  “In an age of “I love you, love me” synth pop of Ladies Gaga, Spears and Perry, listening to Watch The Throne feels like coming off of happy pills and realizing that it’s OK that sometimes, life doesn’t just love you the way you were born…  When it comes to listening to hip hop, West and Jay-Z are those friends — bringing you the bravado, but knowing when to turn it off and let you in on the fact that they too just want to be appreciated and respected. They live in that space between “yes this is as fun as it looks” and “but nothing in life is free.” Neither rapper bests their all-time best performances here, but as messy as putting these two careers on the same disc could have been, it’s hard to be anything but impressed. They’re hard guys to dislike, and the album gets our stamp of approval. Today, the sons of Brooklyn and Chicago did us all proud.”

New York Post:  “Alternating between hard beats with raw raps and risk-free commercial tracks, the record sounds best when it gets tough. On the opener, “No Church in the Wild,” West philosophizes, “What’s a king to a god, what’s a god to a nonbeliever.” On a single spin, it’s a throwaway line in a catchy rap, but it’s a provoking question that gains power with subsequent listens…“Watch the Throne” is neither West’s nor Jay-Z’s best, but count it as a success, especially getting two performers as dynamic and egomaniacal as this duo to mesh into a cohesive team.”

Take a listen to “Lift Off,” a WTT track featuring Beyonce.  Hate it or love it??:




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