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‘Basketball Wives’ and ‘Family Guy’ Top Inaugural ‘Social 100’ Ratings

New York based company SocialGuide has created a new TV ratings system called the “Social 100” that reports social media activity for television shows.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “the system tracks programs that air across 170 of the most popular broadcast and cable networks and uses social data sourced from Twitter and Facebook, including total comments, unique commenters and average followers per unique.


This month, FOX, CW, MyNetworkTV, NBC and ESPN were the top 5 networks with the most social media activity. The top 3 overall social programs are:

1. Family Guy: 159,394 unique commenters and 276,320 comments

2. SpongeBob SquarePants: 233,212 comments from 153,695 uniques

3. Basketball Wives: 136,665 uniques and 274,246 comments

Basketball Wives is the top social program in primetime with followed by the 2011 ESPY’S and Discovery’s Great White Invasion.

SocialGuide went through more than 10.5 million social TV comments by more than 2.6 million unique users  for over 4,150 unique programs to get this information.  There’s some numbers for ya!

Sean Casey, the founder and CEO of SocialGuide, had this to say about the new system:

“Understanding the social footprint of a program is becoming increasingly important to networks and agencies.  We developed ‘The Social 100’ to give comprehensive insight into the potential social reach and social engagement across the U.S. television landscape.”

I have a feeling that television networks will look to this system as a way of measuring success in the future.  Social media is a vital part of entertainment in general and I think SocialGuide definitely has the right idea. Can we agree that drama=big numbers (kudos to Shaunie O’Neal)?!  What do you think of this new ratings system??



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