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Sneak Peek into Oprah’s New Office

Since, Oprah’s show has ended and the establishment of OWN, there has been a definite shift in employees, projects and…you guessed it: OFFICE SPACE! Recently, Oprah twit picked this photo, stating:

Clutch Magazine, writes about Oprah and her transition from her talk show to own and states:

“Oprah.com, which Winfrey gave to Discovery Communications as her half of their partnership in starting OWN, was down almost 50 percent in site visits last month, according to siteanalytics.compete.com…that reflects the period following Winfrey’s departure from broadcast TV after the May 25 finale of Oprah – which apparently is no longer driving the show’s millions of viewers to Winfrey’s website”

Personally, with every transition comes some challenge, I am sure things with the website and OWN will come along… I mean it is Oprah we’re talking about!

What do you think of Oprah’s new work space?



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