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Video: Young Jeezy Brings Out Kanye West & Jay-Z At NYC Show

Young Jeezy was doing the most at an anniversary show commemorating the release of Thug Motivation 101: Let’s Get It  in NYC at Highline Ballroom this past Monday. Kicking off the show Jeezy performed “‘Standing Ovationand  Let’s Get It/ Sky’s the Limit“. He told the audience:

“See, ya’ll in for a hell of a night tonight. I’m in New York City, I’m about to show my ass. This is a celebration, baby! This is ‘Thug Motivation 101,’ can I pick up where I left off?”

Things got really turned up when he brought out Jay-Z then Kanye West along with other big names such as Bun B, Fabolous and the LOX. Kanye told the crowd:

“I told y’all we just gettin’ started. I’m like ya country cousin.”

 “Y’all wanna take it up another notch? We’ll do it forever! If you been ridin’ with me since the beginning, make some noise!”

The energy was elevated at the show and towards the end of it Jeezy made the announcement that his new album TM 103 will be in stores on September 20th. Will you be coping the album??

Watch the performance below:


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