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Outkast Together Again?

Outkast has been notorious for showing a different side of hip hop with hits like “Hey Ya” and “Roses” and in 2003 they did the unthinkable (for that time) and released two solo albums as one band. They have shown their different styles through comical music videos as well as verses talking about “Rosa Parks.”  In a recent Rolling Stone,  article Big Boi speaks about a possible reunion:
“I think it’s very much possible because we have L.A. Reid in our corner now, and he was the first to sign Outkast,” Big Boi said, referring to the record executive’s recent jump from chairman of Island Def Jam Music Group to Epic Records.

“If all goes well, that move should undo the label roadblocks (Big Boi has a solo deal with Def Jam, while Outkast is signed to Jive) that kept the pair’s “Lookin’ for Ya” collaboration off of Big Boi’s 2010 solo debut, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty.”

“L.A. has permission to make it happen now,” Big Boi said of the potential mini-reunion. “So I hope it does, and I don’t really see why it won’t.”

Big Boi hits on a lot of information I didn’t even know about and really seems like he would be into bringing Outkast back. I personally am crossing all limbs hoping for a return!

What do you think?



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