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Otis Redding’s Daughter On Kanye West & Jay- Z: I Just Think The Collaboration Was Certainly A Tribute To Him

When sampling the likes of the legendary Otis Redding you have to get permission. No artist can bypass without this, not even Jay-Z and Kanye West. So when it was time for the duo to sample Redding’s 1996 “Try A Little Tenderness” for their track “Otis”, they had to receive permission from Concord Music Group and ultimately Otis’ daughter and his wife, Zelma Redding.

Otis Redding’s daughter says:

“When it was brought to us, it was quite interesting. We wanted to, first of all, see the lyrics and, secondly, hear the song,” Redding-Andrews said. “We couldn’t find anything negative as it relates to the association with Otis Redding. My mother has protected that legacy for so many years; therefore she gave them the approval to do it.”

“It really means a lot to me, particularly to a whole new generation of young legends, because that’s what Jay-Z and Kanye are,” Redding-Andrews said. “I just think it’s wonderful to tie an old legendary artist whose music history will never die to something [that] they have come up with. I just think the collaboration was certainly a tribute to him, and it’s really great.”

Ultimately, “Otis” is exposing a new generation to Redding’s music in a very hip and cool way. “With what we do with our foundation — pairing music with education, always involved with young people — how can I not be a fan of Kanye West and Jay-Z?” Redding-Andrews said.

I couldn’t agree more, fans are flocking to listen to this hit song and it’s being well received. I know that many who didn’t know Otis or his music are getting a little history lesson.

Do you like the track “Otis”.



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