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ABC News Vows to Stop Paying Interview Subjects

In what’s sure to cause some controversy, ABC News president Ben Sherwood has announced plans to stop paying interview subjects.  The network has ruffled feathers in the past couple years for paying thousands of dollars for photo licenses in exchange for sit downs.

In 2008, they paid Casey Anthony $200,000 for pictures of her late daughter Caylee.  They also admitted to paying $15,000 for photos of a woman that allegedly was involved with former Representative Anthony Weiner.  The news network recently had to pay a woman $10,000 after realizing that a story about her giving her 8-year old Botox was a hoax.

ABC Spokesperson Jeffrey Scheider tells The Daily Beast:

“We can book just about anyone based on the strength of our journalism, the excellence of our anchors, correspondents, and producers, and the size of our audience. These licensing deals had become a crutch, and an unnecessary one.  Will we lose a booking here and there? Sure.  Are those lost bookings equal to the credibility of ABC News? Not in any way, shape, or form.”

Do you think ABC News will stay true to their word?



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