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Beyonce: ‘Let Me Take It Back to When People Listened From Beginning to End’

Beyonce may have had the number one album in the country, but that’s not her main concern this time around.  In another segment of her interview with Access Hollywood, the 4 singer talks about her desire to gain critical acclaim instead of sales:

“I really wanted to make a great body of work and a great classic album, and I focused more on the music from beginning to end.  I really wanted to get the critical acclaim. I feel like the longer I do this—I’ve been doing it for 15 years now—No. 1s are amazing, but to see some of the comments that the Rolling Stones and The New York Times and all of these credible, amazing, really critical magazines and papers [are saying] has really made me my proudest.”

Though the album has yet to produce any smash hits, Mrs. Carter goes on to say that she cares more about getting respect from her peers:

“Just getting the respect from my peers and reading the really tough, tough critics, them acknowledging my growth and my bravery ’cause that was really what I wanted to do is go against the grain and try to put chords and bridges and lyrics and music back on the radio.”

Although all three of Beyonce’s previous albums have won her Grammy’s, she only considers her first, Dangerously in Love, to be a “classic” album:

“I think my first album was a classic album. The other two were great, but I didn’t focus on that.  I focused more on singles and this time I said, ‘Let me take it back to when people just listened from beginning to end.’” <<<<I agree!!! Still play that album front to back today!

Do you think 4 will be a classic album?


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