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Hot Shot: Mary J. Blige in ‘Rock of Ages’; ‘Behind the Music’ Highlights

Mary J. Blige is preparing to dominate TV land and the movie screen with upcoming appearances in the film Rock of Ages and her own episode of VH1’s Behind the Music.  

Mary describes her character, Justice, in ROA:

“[t]he rock…But she’s probably the person with the most problems that they never see. She has to keep everybody lifted up.”

Check out this fierce picture of Mary as Justice:

MJB’s Behind the Music episode will premiere this Sunday, July 24, at 10pm.  We know Mary’s been through a lot of drama since breaking into the music industry, so I’m sure it was all be covered.  Check out some quotes from her episode:

On being molested:

“When I was 5 years old I was molested and just, you know. I remember feeling, literally right before it happened, I just could not believe that this person was going to do this to me.…That thing followed me all my life. The shame of thinking my molestation was my fault.  It led me to believe I wasn’t worth anything.”

On hitting rock bottom with her drinking problem:

“It was bigger than me. And it was definitely going to kill me. So I was like this is it and let’s go. And I remember sitting on my bed. I swear, I don’t know what death feels like, but I felt like my spirit was trying to leave my body.  And I was crying, and I was going please God, no no, not now, I don’t want this.  I prayed, like I remember saying a prayer I said God, send me someone to help me.”

This is going to be a good episode! Will you be tuning in?



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