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DMX Released From Prison…Again

Awwww SNAP!

Ruff Ryder DMX made an exit from prison for the umteenth time today after serving a 6 month sentence for parole violation.  Apparently, he’s already working on music.  He tells AllHipHop.com:

 “I’m feeling good, I’m feeling real good.  I’m gonna see my daughter, I just got off the phone with my wife. I’m going to see my daughter while the sun is up then I’m in the studio, man.”

According to his label, X will work on music for the next couple months and release “hard-hitting rap music that will leave no question as to who truly is the king of rap.”

His rep Nakia Walker says: “Earl has so much more to offer the world.  His latest project has been on hold for so long! It is now time for X to redefine the world of hip-hop with his highly-anticipated album of inspirational, painful, and street-accredited rhymes. It is time to let the Dog out of the kennel.”

Let’s just hope he doesn’t break anymore laws along the way.

Are you excited for new DMX music?


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