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Sway Calloway Plays Vintage Interviews; Chats with Eminem on First Radio Show

Today was the first day of Sway in the Morning, MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway’s first radio show on Sirius XM Radio.  The jam packed show included lots of good music and a cameo from Eminem who owns XM channel Shade 45, Sway’s radio home:

“You played such a vital part in my career and such a big role in hip-hop, we’re just happy to have you.”

After asking Em to freestyle ( “It might be dial tone,” Em replied), Sway played his first interview with Eminem after he first signed with Dr. Dre.

Sway also played a portion of an interview with the legendary Tupac Shakur on the set of the “How Do You Want It” video.  Pac talks about California and the east/west coast:

“I felt like whatever I am, the Bay Area had something to do with making. So if I’m bad, they had something to do with making me. If I’m good, then they had something to do with making me.  Between the East Coast, the Bay Area, L.A. and Baltimore, those places made me.”

Sway reflected on his first show with his MTV family afterwards:  “All in all, it was good.  We played a lot of hip-hop music and made a good relationship [with the listeners]. I’m going to try to tie in all of these worlds: MTV, Shade 45, pop, politics, culture, music, all of that. At the end of the day, that’s the vision for the show.”

Sounds like a quality radio show to me!



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