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50 Cents Calls Kelly Rowland ‘Most Underrated Female Soloist’

We all know 50 Cent for his outlandish comments on just about anything…but this may just be something I agree with him on.

The controversial MC sat down with MTV News on the set of Tony Yayo’s video for “Haters” in ATL this week and had this to say about Kelly:

“I’m so happy Kelly got that hit record. She’s due; she’s sodue. She’s the most underrated female soloist in the game, and it’s finally time for her…That’s why when it came time to do ‘Baby by Me,’ I wanted her to be in the video, because she was smoking hot everywhere else my record had to be hot at,” he said. “They thought I was doin’ her a favor because here in the U.S., they wasn’t hip.”

Most will agree that Kelly Rowland pretty much came second to Beyonce during the Destiny’s Child era, but 50 argues that she stands toe to toe with Queen B:

 “There wasn’t no dance moves Beyoncé was doin’ that Kelly wasn’t doin’. It’s just the right song. You got the song, now you can forget about it. It’s going. They all did the same moves.”

He also commented on whether he considers Kelly or Beyonce more attractive:

“It’s your preference. If you look and say one is prettier than the other, I beg to differ — it’s just what you think is pretty.  I think it’s just time for her. This year is her year.”

Do you agree with Mr. Cent???



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