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Tracklisting: ‘Watch The Throne’ Kanye West and Jay-Z

The wait is almost over, ya’ll!

Today, Jay-Z released the tracklisting for Watch the Throne via his blog Life & Times.  Frank Ocean, Beyonce and Mr. Hudson make guest appearances.  There are also four bonus tracks that will be available on a deluxe edition.  Will you be buying Watch The Throne come August 2?

Tracklisting below:

1. “No Church in the Wild” feat. Frank Ocean
2. “Lift Off” feat. Beyoncé
3. “Niggas in Paris”
4. “Otis” feat. Otis Redding
5. “Gotta Have It”
6. “New Day”
7. “Prime Time”
8. “Who Gon Stop Me”
9. “Murder to Excellence”
10. “Welcome to the Jungle”
11. “Sweet Baby Jesus” feat. Frank Ocean
12. “Love You So” feat. Mr Hudson

13. “Illest Motherfucker Alive”
14. “H•A•M”
15. “That’s My Bitch”
16. “The Joy” feat. Curtis Mayfield


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