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Drama: Bow Wow Was Not There For His Daughter’s Birth

Well, the drama between Bow Wow and the mother of his child Joie Chavis has begun thanks to TMZ. The media outlet is reporting that Bow Wow was not present for the birth of his daughter while Joie was undergoing an ER C -section. Joie was so angered by the fact that she omitted his name from the birth certificate.

TMZ somehow got their hands on it:

What’s even worse is that Bow Wow didn’t come until 6, SIX, 6 DAYS LATER. Both have their thoughts swirling the net which you can read here:

Bow Wow’s open letter: Bow Wow

Joie Chavis’s Interview: Meeting Bow Wow

I’m not quite sure what to make of this or its validity but Joie did say how she hopes Bow Wow does what he says he will in her interview. Maybe that’s a sign that it could indeed be true. If so, shame on you Bow Wow. 6 days though?! Sheesh!

What do you think??



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