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Russell Simmons Talks to Bow Wow About His New Daughter

Bow Wow announced earlier this week that he is a proud father to his daughter Shai.  In his detailed letter to fans, he also touched on almost committing suicide and pulling himself out of a depression over the past few months.  Russell Simmons sat down with Bow Wow today to talk more about that letter and life in general.  Highlights below:

On the suicide thoughts:

The suicide thoughts just really came because I think earlier I was exposed to so much Uncle Russ to the point to where I kinda felt like it ruined my adulthood. When I was younger I wish I listened to everybody that was older telline me “don’t do that just yet you should wait” or “don’t go to the club yet you should really wait until your 21 or you got nothing to look forward to.” So that’s what happened, for me being around Jermaine and everybody so young I was around EVERYTHING. So by the time I got 18, I was really 26 (laughs) and I didn’t wanna go to the club no more. When I got 20, I was like “Ok now I’m ready to get married.” Now I feel like I’m 40! So the older I got, the I just noticed my friends…I was like “I can’t really hang with y’all” because they’d go to the club and I’ve done all that when I was 14. So it made me realize like “what am I here for? What am I living to do?” I just got so stressed out because I felt like I did everything too fast and it didn’t leave me with nothing to look forward to. Now that I have my daughter I don’t even have those thoughts no more. Because now it’s like I got something to live for, I got more movies to go get, more records to go make because I gotta go hard for her now. So now I do have a purpose. So it took for me to have a dark period and pray to God that it’s all gone and now it’s a whole other ballgame.  I’m just focused and it’s just me coming out being clean about my situation. It’s just a whole new outlook on life! It’s dope!

On his fan’s reaction to the letter:

The whole thing that I was scared about was once everybody knows, what about the other people that I love, you know what I’m saying? Like how would they feel. I was so nervous about the people who’s around me before who I tried to keep it a secret too…I was like “man I wonder how they’re gonna react?” I wondered if they not going to want to be around me or be my friend no more or how’s it gonna be, but I guess honesty just takes you a long way. People really can respect the truth.

On getting advice from Tyrese (Gibson):

Even Tyrese, who’s a good friend of mine, called me and was like “man, you don’t even know what you just did.” He said “you just made my week because you’re the first young African-American, you know you’re the youngest one in the game right now with a kid, you have a chance to have every male your age and younger who has kids now…you can make them step up and become better men.”  So when he told me that, I was like “WOW.” I didn’t even think about that and I never had my father in my life…ever! So this just makes me want to step up and just go harder even more and give her everything my father never gave. 

It’s nice to see a young man like Bow stepping up and taking responsibility.  The world doesn’t need any more deadbeat daddies!



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