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Foolery: Rapper Khia’s ‘A-B-C’s’ Blog Post

Do we all remember Khia? She’s a female rapper with one hit (“My Neck, My Back”).  Today, she’s known more for her outrageous blog posts on her website “Motor Mouf” than her rapping skills.   In her most recent post, she’s going after everyone in the industry by way of the alphabet…and taking no prisoners.  I don’t take this girl seriously, so I personally think this is half funny/half sad.  The post is super long, so I’ll just show a few of my favorite parts.  You can read the entire blog post here.

She’s a “motor mouth”, indeed.  Highlights:

Letter A- Amber Rose: Imma show this bitch a little love cuz she from Philly bald headed and all….She cute!!!! I aint gone judge the hoe because we all know she been on a strippa pole since she was 5 years old, suckin clits since 12, and decided to TRICK and SUCK every nigga in the game and all of a sudden wanna be a model at 35…… Get Money Biiiiiitch!!!!! But I am gone roast at the fact that she leaked photos on the internet of that MILE loooooong, 18wheeler, turned to the SIDE ass pussy with her DUMB ass and lost ALL of the MONEY! It didn’t work for KATRINA HARBOR and its NOT gone work for YOU!!!!! Someone stole your computer, someone stole her phone……Heard it all before!!!! Chile boooo…Stick to what ya know……….Trickin, strippin and suckin dick and pussy lips…..Get money biiiiiitch!!!!!

Letter B- Beyoncé: Fuck this hoe………Can Kelly Rowland make a little bit of MONEY???? We all seen Kelly on the EBT Card Awards shut that shit down and here you come making Jay Z call in all of his favors to put you on the TV screen with that TIRED, THROUGH and DELAYED performance. We all could have passed on that! Imma fan true enough, but we really sick of looking at you! Give Solange a chance or give your husband Jay Z some children cuz he getting ole as Methuselah and his time is running OUT!! Who runs the world? Girls…..Girls!

Letter C- Chris Brown: Oooooooooooo Hoooooooney…… How many records you sold????Cuz the sissy’s and punks all around the world saw ALLLLLLLL your bizness. With your “Who told Harpo to beat me,” Blonde hair, Dick down to ya knees….. Redirect your anger please!! Looks like another Dennis Rodman to me….. I aint the one to gossip so you aint heard it from me! 

Shout out to DMX…..Don’t he got a crack head show coming out?????? What the hell is really going on? He needs to get it together because I love this man. X is going to be my pastor one day………Hallelu!!!!!!
See how the industry do ya……..Is this how yall want the Queen to look? But it aint gone work because I’m too strong thaaaaaaaat!

Letter M-Mediatakeout.com aka Mediafuckedout: I’m a little sick of you sissys and punks at mediatakeout and so I did a little digging and I found out that the turnaround time on that job is about every 30 days…….Fred Mwangaguhuanga fires and hires on the regular so I guess those who write the best bull shit get to keep their jobs???? Ask him about the Queen’s royal attire…..I betcha he knows, the lawyer turned blogger! Hell, the Queen has been doing that rapping and blogging for years!!!!!!! The many stories of mine that yall copied and pasted… I need a little bit of that money baaaaaaaby!!!! Every time you mention the Queen’s name, the number of clicks is well over 500,000 views ……Call me Fred!!!!!!! You and me must never part……Ma-ki-da-da!!!! Looking like a Turtle Fish turned Black Sea Money, you African muthafucka!
On another note, Yall leave Monica alone….. Just because she wanted a FedEx, expedited, rush ordered husband leave her be……Monica is a good woman so let her have her justice of the peace wedding and Rocco wasn’t bout shit no how…..Yall aint going steady!!!!!! That nigga was only good for that SMOKIN ass head and then he needed to be DISPOSED of. Can we learn how to stop being MISDIAGNOSED, DICKMATIZED, and having BALLHEISMERS for these no good ass niggas? Ladies, you heard it from me…. Leave these no good fuck niggas alone, “Don’t trust no Nigga, get ya own shit”!!!! And NO BABIES PLEASE!!!!! Ya see, the Queen pleasures herself and don’t wait for the industry or no nigga to do it for me. Moe rubber bands………Pleeeeeeeease!!!!!

Letter R-Rick Ross: Is you really selling dope on your IPhone?????? I did see you at the Tupac center but I am not sure if you were just there to promote that tired ass single or there to support Queen Affine and the children because all the money you claim you got, I didn’t see you cut no check…..I’m a little sick of you talking about dope and fucking bitches in the ass on all your songs! Listen ladies, a straight man would not want to violate your ass, bypassing all that good pussy to go straight to the asshole…… I got a problem with that!!!!! Ass is ass…..If you try one, you tried them all!!!! Once again, boy pussy it is….Cocaine is a powerful drug!

Letter W-Weezy and Wakaflocka: Yall know I loves my husband Weeezy and I sips Louweeezyanne tea daily but this new Weezy, I just don’t understand but I aint gone give up on him, I’m just gone continue to pray!!!Young money… Biiiiiiitch!!!!! Waka and that little ass peeeeeter Ad….The hood is laughing at you!!!!! I’m gone respect the fact that you showing love to the animals but that body aint wassup!!! Dennis Rodman’s ad looked better……That queen gave you body!!!!!! Stay tuned for mine…….Coming this fall!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder how long it took her to write this.  Ridiculous…


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  1. I felt inspired to read together a mix and this is the end result. This is NOT a greatest hits mix. This mix is for the true rap fans only… the die-hards who know every lyric and remember every interlude. I thought it is cool that you are rapping.

    July 24, 2011 at 10:09p07

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