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Kidnap Victim Elizabeth Smart Hired as ABC News On-Air Contributor

Here’s some diva behavior for ya!

Former kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart will work as an on-air contributor for ABC News.  What will she be doing exactly?

 “She’ll be available to all programs and platforms across the news division,” says ABC News spokewoman Julie Townshend. “She’ll help our viewers better understand missing person stories from someone with the perspective to know what a family experiences when a loved one goes missing.”

Elizabeth was abducted from her bedroom on June 5, 2002 by a mentally disturbed man and his wife.  She was then held captive for nine
months and brutally raped on a daily basis while her family searched for her.  Nine months later, she was found when someone who saw her story on America’s Most Wanted spotted her.

Elizabeth currently studies at Brigham Young University in addition to being an activists for stronger laws around kidnap cases.

This is major.  Congrats and best of luck to Elizabeth.



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