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Fantasia’s Mahalia Jackson BioPic to Premiere at Cannes 2012

After a year of man drama and terrible album sales, Fantasia may just redeem herself in 2012.  It’s just been announced that Fantasia will most likely be attending next year’s prestigious Cannes Film Festival to premiere her Mahalia Jackson biopic.

Says the film’s executive producer, Adrian Taylor: “They’ve offered for us to do a screening there…We can either enter it as competition, or we can have it in the non-competition and premiere it, if it’s edited. It’s got to be ready by April 6 for next year’s Cannes.” 

The film is based on the book Got to Tell It: Mahalia Jackson, Queen of Gospel.  It’s reported to start production in October in New Orleans and Chicago, and be ready for audiences by late 2012.  Legendary actress Diahann Caroll and actor Michael Clark Duncan reportedly have roles.  It’s also rumored that Fantasia will put on more than 45lbs to play Mahalia.



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