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Bill Maher Calls Out Kim Kardashian: ‘Your Father Started Tradition of Getting Black Men Off’

I don’t know whether to laugh or feel bad.

When news broke that Casey Anthony got a not guilty verdict (She claimed that she accidentally drowned her daughter and tried to cover up the death), all of the celebs in the Twitterverse expressed their frustration with the jury’s decision, including reality starlet Kim Kardashian.  She had this to say:

“WHAT!!!!???!!!! CASEY ANTHONY FOUND NOT GUILTY!!!I am speechless!!!”

In case you didn’t know, Kim’s father, the now deceased Robert Kardashian, was OJ Simpson’s lawyer during his case.  Outspoken Bill Maher had this to say in response to Kim’s tweet:

“Kim Kardashian is upset with Casey Anthony verdict? Ur father defended O.J.! Starting the Kardashian tradition of getting black men off”

DAMN!  Kim didn’t directly respond to Maher, but she did have this to say to those who opposed her tweet:

“Reading the comments here & its nuts people think just because I was close to the OJ trial I can’t have my own opinion on the Casey Anthony case?”



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