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Diva Of The Week- Ashley Nicole Barnes

Diva coming through!!!!!

We’d like you all to meet the beautiful Ashley Nicole Barnes. She is a 23-yr-old graduate of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Receiving her degree with honors (Summa Cum Laude)  and majoring in Psychology, Ashley is well on her way in the right direction. This former NAUW Debutante, Psalmist/Songwriter has served as a praise and worship leader for Youth Taking Charge (campus bible study),and is currently a mentor and property damage claims representative for New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Group.

A proud mother and soon to be wife (he put a ring on it!),  Ashley has overcome many obstacles placed in her way. She says:

“Nothing, I mean nothing has come without faith, and not just faith to believe but faith to make moves.  With many academic accomplishments and notable achievements, fulfillment only comes when I know God is pleased and purpose is being carried out. Ministry is dear to my heart and song is usually the avenue of choice to encourage others and for restoration to take place. I hope to one day be in ministry full time in whatever capacity God requires and open my own non-profit organization geared toward complete wellness for young women.”

Words spoken by a true diva. As a friend who has heard Ashley’s voice, all these years later; I still remember it. She describes her own personal style as:

“My personal style is confidence. It’s not always what you wear, but how you wear it. Own whatever it is you do and be true to who you are. I know I’m different and I embrace it. I like to be comfortable, natural and low key but I’m always switching it up, depending on how I’m feeling. Whatever it is i wear, I wear it well.”

We here at divaMissioN applaud every positive effort and goal-acquiring endeavor you set forth on doing. Creating a non-profit for the complete wellness of young women shows your desire to give back and make a change in the lives of others. We hope that other young women will see your great accomplishments and be motivated to follow in your footsteps. We’re very pleased to have you as our “Diva Of The Week”!!!


One response

  1. NJ Wilson

    She is truly a diva! rock on girl-Gods plans for you are so great!

    July 9, 2011 at 10:09p07

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