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‘Jersey Shore’s’ Pauly D. Slapped with $4 Million Lawsuit

Jersey Shore’s Pauly D. has bigger problems than deciding when to “GTL” this summer.  According to The New York Post, he’s now facing a $4 million copyright infringement lawsuit.

Paul Lis- another DJ who goes by the name “DJ Paulie”- is filing the suit, claiming that ever since Pauly D. made his debut on MTV, his business, that he spent more than 40 years building, has suffered.

“[Lis] formally trademarked the name ‘DJ Paulie’ and then came the ‘Jersey Shore’ which basically wiped him off the face of the map,” attorney Jose M. Rojas said.

“The reality television show [follows] a group of young adults pursuing a debauched lifestyle suggestive of loose morals, violence, intoxication and liberal profanity — the exact opposite of the reputation the Plaintiff, ‘DJ Paulie’ that[sic] he had spent decades cultivating,” the lawsuit alleges.

Mo’ money, mo’ problems.


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