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Video: ‘Run the World (Girls) (Alternate Version)’ Beyonce

Just in time for the release week of Beyonce’s 4. It looks like an alternate video for “Run the World (Girls)” has found its way to the Internet.  The settings are the same, but we get to see a lot more dance sequences featuring Beyonce solo, her dancers and famous French dancing duo Les Twins, Laurent and Larry Bourgeois.

There is also a lot less theatrics and no lengthy intro.   Me likey.

According to charts experts (HITS Daily Double), 4 is expected to debut at the number one spot on Billboard with 275,000-300,000 sold.  This is small in comparison to I am….Sasha Fierce, which debuted in November 2008 with 482,000.  The drop in numbers is probably due to the unfortunate leak of the entire album a few weeks ago.  Beyonce will still be number one, nonetheless.

Watch the alternate “Run the World:”



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