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Pooch Hall Covers “BLEU” Magazine

Pooch Hall is one fine specimen of a man and he recently let those good looks talk on the cover of Bleu magazine. Relatively new to mainstream media Pooch talks to the magazine about his success, Hollywood, and overcoming the darkness in his life. Coming a long way from his debut acting role in the movie Lift in 2001 to his role as Derwin Davis on the history breaking show “The Game”, Pooch has lots to be thankful for. Check out the highlights below.

Overcoming Darkness:
“I am proud of what I’ve overcome,” shares the star. “What a lot of people don’t’ know about me is I’ve seen dark times. I know what it means to struggle, but it’s about where I’m going. I’ve learned and understand enough about my experiences to know what I need to do to get where I need to go to be happy – and stay happy.”


On Success:
“A lot of people try to tie success in with Bentley’s and celebrities and Hollywood,” he continues. “But ultimately, it’s what you feel. If you are working at the post office and you are having fnd living happily and healthily – then you are successful.”

On Hollywood:

“As far as all this,” the actor says pointing to the lights, cameras and crew, “this right here, this is my professional life. I don’t like to take it into my home.”

The issue will be available later on this month.


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