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Video: Keri Hilson Juggles and Talks Songwriting on ‘Talking to Strangers’

We brought you the first episode of Cee-Lo Green’s new Fuse show “Talking  to Strangers” and now he’s back with another.  Miss Keri Hilson sat down with Cee-Lo to talk about the sophomore jinx, boys versus men, and songwriting.  Highlights below:

On the provocative record “The Way You F*** Me”
You know what Cee-Lo, if I’m representing women in the realest way, I have to keep it real with my audience. Every woman has that side of them. I don’t do music to paint myself perfect, I don’t care. I’d much rather it be real than perfect. You don’t give that to everybody but on a certain night with the right person that’s what we want.

On the title “No Boys Allowed”
Real men do real things. I just feel like now that I’m out there, so to speak and I have these conversations with my girls I just feel like everything that was old school and honorable about men…chivalry, respect and all of that is out the window. But women, for the sake of being hugged at night, we tolerate bullsh*t and if I could’ve called it “No Bullsh*t Allowed” I would’ve done that because that’s what separates the boys from the men.

On not having a sophomore album jinx
I didn’t feel it until “Breaking Point.” It was a very ballsy move to put out something like that first. We knew what we had but I feel like the timing of putting that record first….the same way I feel about “Energy.” I just didn’t feel like it was the best introduction record to  Keri Hilson.





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