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Tracklisting: ‘Here I Am’ Kelly Rowland

Between a show stopping BET Awards performance, a new job at Britain’s X Factor, and a number one hit, Kelly Rowland is on a roll.  We have the tracklisting for her new album, Here I Am, dropping July 26.  There will be a standard edition as well as a deluxe one that features remixes with Lil Wayne and frequent collaborator Nelly.

Check it out:

Standard Edition

1. “I’m Dat Chick”
2. “Work It Man” feat. Lil Playy
3. “Motivation” feat. Lil Wayne
4. “Lay It on Me” feat. Big Sean
5. “Feelin’ Me Right Now”
6. “Turn It Up”
7. “All of the Night” feat. Rico Love
8. “Keep It Between Us”
9. “Commander”
10. “Down for Whatever”

Deluxe Edition

11. “Heaven & Earth”
12. “Each Other”
13. “Motivation (Rebel Rock Remix)” feat. Lil Wayne
14. “Commander (Urban Remix)” feat. Nelly



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